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Set Of All Three Sizes + Free Air Dry Parts Bag

  • Super Shields Plus - Three pairs - A complete set including one pair each of M, L, and XL shields, so you are sure to get the right size.

  • Air-Dry Parts Bag - Keep all of your pumping parts together when drying and transporting.

  • A Complete Refund - Including shipping if not 100% satisfied.

  • Questions? Check our FAQ.

  • Super Shields work with Ameda, Medela, Bailey, Lansinoh, Rumble Tuff, Avent Isis, 25mm Maymom one piece.
    Note for Ameda™ users: All of our Super Shields (Medium, Large & XLarge) fit Ameda Standard (25.0mm).. Sorry, they do not fit the First Years miPump, Spectra, Avent Comfort Pump.

  • breast pumpsrvival kit 100% guarantee

    Set of Three Sizes
    Price:: $29.95 + free Air-Dry bag

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    breast pumpsrvival kit100% guarantee

    Glide Pumping Aid
    Handy 1 oz wide mouth jar of 100% Pure Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
    Price:: $4.95

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    The above set does not include the hands-free necklace.
    CLICK HERE for the full Pumpin' Comfort Kit

    Pumpin' Pal Frequently Asked Questions

    Embraced by professionals

    Hospitals and Lactation Consultants across the country are using PPI's Pumpin' Pal products to improve the breast pumping experience for new mothers. The angled Super Shields are especially effective for C-section mothers having a difficult time leaning forward to pump. The tapered design is less abrasive on the area around the nipple, so the flanges themselves are much more comfortable than the standard flange design.

    Often, I will work with a mom who repeatedly develops a cut right around the base of the nipple. When this occurs, I feel that the pressure from a straight flange tends to be causing the problem. When you provide an angled shield, the pressure on the base of the nipple is resolved."

    Debbie Albert, RN, Ph.D., LMHC, IBCLC, RLC
    Tampa Lactation Counseling
    Tampa, FL

    Pumpin' Pal products have also been featured in several books including:

  • The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Making More Milk by Diana West, IBCLC, and Lisa Marasco, M.A., IBCLC

  • Selecting and Using Breastfeeding Tools by Catherine Watson Genna, B.S., IBCLC

  • Breastfeeding In Combat Boots by Robyn Roche-Paull, BS, IBCLC, LLLL Hale Publishing, 2010.
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