Can’t Afford to Buy Right Now?

At PPI we believe that every mother using a breast pump should have access to products that make the activity more comfortable and more effective. We know our products do just that for moms worldwide each year. But we also know that the reality of our economic situation is such that some moms will not purchase our products believing they shouldn’t spend money on a “luxury” item for themselves. After helping thousands of moms discover better pumping, we know that our products are more “necessary” than anything else. I mean…. if you are going to pump, shouldn’t doing it effectively and comfortably always be part of the program?

But some moms can’t spend the money because they don’t have it to spend.

If, in your case, you would like to benefit from our products but honestly cannot make the purchase now due to finances, send me an email explaining your situation….I’ll see what I can do:)



Jon Gillan
PPI Founder, Inventor, Dad

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